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In which Tyson continues to be a badass

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2013 was a f*cking good year. I saw Poland, England, Germany. 
Started the year as a casual service attendant in a hotel and worked myself up to a trusted and reliable Headwaiter position. I started my workday yesterday 8 p.m and ended that shift at half past 12 p.m. Ghastly 16 hours of slavery, lousy 40 euro tip, but i got a free meal in the Horisont fine dining restaurant from that and my amazing girlfriend was waiting me at home with a glass of champaigne. Considering all, it was a nice start for a new year.

Love you all.

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So this was pretty quickly played off as a joke, but I can’t stop thinking about it. First of all, Clara seems to have picked up on the TARDIS being alive much faster than any other companion on New Who. The Doctor didn’t mention anything about the TARDIS being a living thing to her, and he has yet to talk to the TARDIS in front of her, but after only one trip she still went straight towards thinking of it as a living thing.

And, more importantly, the TARDIS actually seems to perhaps not like her. The translator wasn’t working properly for her after all - we saw with Dareen and lots of the aliens in the market that it wasn’t functioning, and that’s something that’s never happened before. The translator even worked for Ganger!Amy, and yet here it doesn’t seem to be connecting with Clara very well. Why?

One possible answer is that because Clara is such an impossible contradiction that the TARDIS just doesn’t know how to handle her. She’s a woman twice dead who’s still alive after all, and she has lived and died throughout centuries of time and space, something that the TARDIS would know and perhaps be confused by. Or maybe the TARDIS, who exists at every point of time and space, knows something about Clara that worries her and threatens the Doctor’s safety. One of my possible theories about Clara is that much like the Pandorica, she was created or manipulated into being a perfect lure for the Doctor. The Silence are still out there after all, and Trenzilore still waiting, and what better trap for the Doctor is there than a clever, brave, mysterious young woman who keeps dying and returning and is a mystery just begging to be figured out?

Or maybe it was just a joke that will never be mentioned again. With this show, the chances are just as good either way.

I like the impossible contradiction idea, because we already know from Jack that the TARDIS is kind of against anomalies in time (especially fixed points like Jack, but I also think contradictions like Clara as well). 

But then, I do think that maybe the TARDIS knows what’s up with Clara, and it’s making her cautious. Because she hasn’t tried to throw Clara off like she did Jack - she just locks her out and doesn’t give her the full translation powers. It’s likely a little more personal than just the time thing, although I think that’s a part of it. 

I hope that it is a mix of all of these, personally. 

I hope that Clara is far more than she appears, and that the TARDIS loves her Doctor, enough to also be jealous. 

I want them to actually really play with what makes a person. 

I want Clara to be a construct, something MADE not born. I want her to be a trap and a riddle and a fatal puzzle that grew beyond even her creator’s kenning, grew to also be brilliant and good like the thing she was made to destroy. 

I want the TARDIS to show her personality, to present such emotions as jealousy and envy and fierce protection. I want her to KNOW Clara is more than she was made to be, just like her, but also know that this other creation, with a humanoid body, can interact in ways SHE never can. And show the most human of responses to that.

Be Jelly and slightly childish about showing it.

If the TARDIS was going to be jealous of anyone, it would have to be Rose. And Captain Jack can be explained (although he’s impossible as well according to 10s own words) as attracting every living thing lol. Perhaps it’s a short circuit thing. Interesting to see what happens

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It bothers me that the intelligence of animals is measured by how willing they are to obey the commands of a human.

same goes for students at schools

I just realized how fucked up that is wow. 

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When people don’t understand then I confess to people that my oldest child died when she was 11.

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