Snu-snu should kill me

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It was a moment Anthony Carbajal will never forget: standing on the stage of one of TV’s most popular talk shows, fighting for a cause that touches him and his family profoundly. All while his mom looked proudly on.

Watch Anthony and Ellen do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and see the full interview here.

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Try a little old Toby. It’ll help setting your nerves.

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9 has no time for your philosophizing.

nine is tired of your crap

Nine was the sassiest. 

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to scroll past this gifset without reblogging.

Can we also appreciate Rose please? She’s like his back up sassyness and being all “Bitch please, not today.”

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Recently watched the River Song story from her beginning until the end. Miaow
Can’t wait until Saturday.

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